Duterte looking for a film producer…

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is looking for a film producer in Manila. “We cannot justify putting this off any longer; this is a great action movie and since it’s about me… I wanna be in it,” Duterte said in his video message during a virtual forum on Filipino arts and free speech rights organized by […]

Philippines Typhoon Death Toll Rises To 388

More Than 100 Dead In Philippines Typhoon, Says Officials

Where does Manny Pacquiao live?

Where does Manny Pacquiao live in the Philippines? Can Manny Pacquiao make this movie? – STREETS OF MANILA! The famed White House in General Santos 1) The White House in General Santos Pacquiao’s most iconic home is the one simply known as the White House in General Santos. The impressive mansion boasts a swimming pool […]

22 Journalists Killed in Philippines Since Rodrigo Duterte Became President – Newsweek