Jersey Haven releases official Voltes V shirts for fans


MANILA — Over 4 many years since Eastern anime sequence “Voltes V” made its debut on Philippines tv, its reputation continues unabated attaining even a brand new era of Filipino lovers.

Jersey Haven, the sports activities attire maker, used to be in a position to protected the authentic license to supply the shirts in the neighborhood.

“The way of living line of Jersey Haven has lengthy been deliberate however we had been busy with our sports wear line. With the COVID-19 pandemic slowing down sports activities, we discovered the time to free up our way of life merchandise starting with Voltes V,” mentioned Jersey Haven’s Andrew Kentson Tan. 

“We’re grateful to Telesuccess (which licenses the anime display) for giving us an opportunity to supply this iconic emblem,” added Tan. “We produced t-shirts, face mask, and baseball caps.”

The shirts regardless that aren’t your garden-variety silkscreen sort. They’re glow at nighttime with luminous prints.

Tan and his brother, who run Jersey Haven, first noticed “Voltes V” when it returned to Philippine monitors within the Nineties after its preliminary run used to be lower quick by way of the then Marcos executive. 

There are six shirts – one each and every for the Volt Cruiser, Volt Bomber, Volt Panzer, Volt Frigate, and Volt Lander and one for the Voltes V robotic had been produced and are available in particular packaging.

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